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Psychosocial Interventions to meet Complex Mental Health Needs

mental health assignment


Psychosocial Interventions to meet Complex Mental Health Needs

This essay is a reflection on an assessment done with a patient with psychosis. Focus on the voices that he has been hearing. What I did was are as follows 1. I introduced my self to the client as the student nurse that we meet couple of weeks ago Continue reading

How to Write a Book Review


Book Review Writing Services

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Writing a book review is an important literary form. It helps lead a reader’s reading practices, provides constructive feedback, and helps publishers plan and develop future books (Lee, 2010). Due to such high expectations, it can be very challenging for the one conducting the review. A reviewer must be aware of the strategies used to conduct an analysis, the format in which to make content understandable, and external factors surrounding the process (Lee, 2010). In class, students are taught on how writing academic essays should be done. Reviews are part of these exercises as it shows the level of comprehension by the students after going through a certain text. Student contributions are considered a valuable addition to literature and learning. However, reading an entire book is tedious and time-consuming especially for those who have tight schedules. Students may not be able to complete several book reviews if their subjects expect it. Nevertheless, they would not wish to compromise their grades. One of the solutions that I have found to be very effective is having a professional type my essay. Continue reading

Affordable Academic Essay Writing Services

Cheap Academic Essay Writing Services

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Many students fail in their examinations for all the wrong reasons. A lot others struggle to balance work and studies with other chores amid a very highly paced lifestyle. High pace living is necessary because one has to keep the pace with life, pleasure, enjoyment, picnics because when social life hurts, the individual fails in all other things. Custom essay writing services offer a useful opportunity for students who want to excel at school while keeping the pace of a socially accelerated lifestyle. Apart from aiding students with expertly written and timely delivered essays, the services are done as per the instructions offered by student. Continue reading

The Ban on Emergency Contraceptive

contraceptive_pill_essayPaper instructions:

I need a rhetorical analysis
Assignment: To help with the first paper, you will write a mini rhetorical analysis response based on one of the articles we read this unit.

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Discussions on Creativity

Discussion_essayPaper instructions:

There are 2 parts to this assignment.
Discussion 1:
Robinson (2011) noted that “When people say to me that they are not creative, I assume that they haven’t yet learnt what is involved” (p. 1). Do you find it interesting to consider that creativity can be learned?

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Advertising is in the Air that Americans Breathe

Paper instructions:

1.    From infancy to adulthood, advertising is in the air Americans breathe, the information we absorb, almost without knowing it. It floods our mind with pictures of perfection and goals of happiness easy to attain. . . . We are feeding on foolery, of which a steady diet, for those who feed on little else, cannot help but leave a certain fuzziness of perception.
Barbara Tuchman Write a well-organized and fully developed essay in which you do the following:

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Community’s Source of Energy

Community_source_energy_essayPaper instructions:

Dropbox Assignment
Assignment 1: LASA 2: Examining Your Community’s Source of Energy
It is easy to criticize society for not using renewable resources, but in reality, how difficult would this transition be? What processes and procedures would be involved? How would such a transition be made? Continue reading

Sample Essay:Importance of Friendship in Education

friendship_in_education_essayGlanzer & Ream (2009), define friendship as the existence of trust and affection between two or more parties. As far as Christianity is concerned, friendship is characterized by the existence of great understanding and love among people thus fostering harmonious living (Jeynes, 2013). Continue reading

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