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Lung Cancer

cancer treatmentPaper instructions:

Discuss in detail the Lung cancer in terms of causes, diagnosis, treatment/care. Continue reading

Influencing Public Healthcare

influencing public healthcare americaPaper instructions:

You have been asked to serve on an advisory committee for your states Department of Public Health (Iowa). Continue reading

Global Water and Sanitation Issue

water and sanitation globally

A Young Girl Drinking Water Straight from a Tap

Paper instructions:

Write a Ten page Final Report on the research of the major global issue of water and sanitation. Continue reading

Health Care Policy Formation

nurse_with_stethoscopePaper instructions:

The policy should be on “Who should be required, if anyone, to cover contraception?” Continue reading

Burnout in Nursing

nurses burnoutPaper instructions:

The body of this paper must include the following: your writing must be original I will be sending it to a plagiarism checker, prior to releasing payment. Continue reading

Population Control in China

population control in chinaPaper Instructions:

You will write a 5–7 page about Population Control in China Continue reading

Mental Illness and the Society

mental illnessPaper instructions:

Mental Illness and the Society

After surveying all of the many facets and aspects of the Sociology of Health, Illness, and Health Care, select a specific topic that interests you and for which you intend to write a 5 page paper (not including references). Continue reading

Importance of Sleep

importance of sleepPaper instructions:

Why is it important for us to sleep? Continue reading

Obama Care

obama carePaper instructions:

Write a 1000 word paper explaining how Obamacare has improved the living standards Continue reading

Healthcare Market Trends

home-healthcare-marketPaper instructions:

Define and describe each of the following 5 health care market trends: CDHP, HDHP, HSA, HRA , FSA. For each trend, your essay must include both: Continue reading

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