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Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational Use

legalization of marijuanaPaper instructions:

Must be a persuasive essay persuading local government to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Continue reading

A Review of Hypertension Medications: Amlodipine and Hydrochlorathiazide

hypertension medicinePaper instructions:

Submit BOTH a paper and a “PowerPoint” poster presentation over Amlodipine and hydrochlorothiazide. Continue reading

Low Income Mothers

low income mothersPaper Instructions:

Identify one of the social work issues/fields of practice included in the first class assessment (Community Resources) that interests you. If you have an area of interest that isn’t included in the list, check with your instructor for approval first. Continue reading

Human Growth Development

human growth and developmentPaper instructions:

Human Growth and Development Students will describe the development of their character from prenatal to late adulthood. Continue reading

Professional Practice in Adult Nursing

adult nursing Paper instructions:

Write a paper on the topic: Preparation for Professional Practice in Adult Nursing Continue reading

Lung Cancer

cancer treatmentPaper instructions:

Discuss in detail the Lung cancer in terms of causes, diagnosis, treatment/care. Continue reading

Influencing Public Healthcare

influencing public healthcare americaPaper instructions:

You have been asked to serve on an advisory committee for your states Department of Public Health (Iowa). Continue reading

Global Water and Sanitation Issue

water and sanitation globally

A Young Girl Drinking Water Straight from a Tap

Paper instructions:

Write a Ten page Final Report on the research of the major global issue of water and sanitation. Continue reading

Health Care Policy Formation

nurse_with_stethoscopePaper instructions:

The policy should be on “Who should be required, if anyone, to cover contraception?” Continue reading

Burnout in Nursing

nurses burnoutPaper instructions:

The body of this paper must include the following: your writing must be original I will be sending it to a plagiarism checker, prior to releasing payment. Continue reading

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