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Examine Cultural Influences on Personality Trait Development

culture and personalityPaper Instruction:

Compare cultural influences on personality trait development using the Big Five model of traits as the basis for your comparison. Continue reading

Argumentative or Persuasive Essay on Fashion



Paper Instructions:       

Write an argumentative or persuasive essay in which you encourage your audience to resist participating in, or even to oppose actively, some trend you see in fashion, behavior, politics, society, etc. Continue reading

Relevance of the Screwtape Letters to today’s society and to Christians today

the screwtape lettersPaper instructions:

Now is the time to write your first major paper, which will be on C.S. Lewis’s novel The Screwtape Letters.

Continue reading

On Fads and Fashion

fashion_fadsPaper instructions:

Do fads and fashions reflect and reinforce or challenge and change the values and norms of a society?

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